Why Freelancers Need a Shared Office Space

Written by Wes Towers
Wednesday , Aug 7, 2013 0:48

One of the most important elements of operating as a freelancer is that of professionalism. Unless you have a beautifully appointed home office away from the main part of your house, you will find that meeting with clients in your home probably does nothing to enhance your professional image. This can be even more the case if you live in the outskirts of town, and it’s a long way for clients to travel.

You can always meet in a cafe of course, and this might suit for the odd occasion. However, if you need to regularly meet with your clients, this option also lacks professionalism, not to mention privacy. You really need another option to help build your relationships with your clients, and to boost your professional image and your personal brand at the same time.

Office sharing provides a viable option for freelancers. It gives you a dedicated space in which to work away from the distractions of home, and can provide a place for client meetings.

However, not all office workstation rentals are created equal. Our Williamstown serviced offices provide all the benefits of a dedicated workspace as well as privacy and professionalism.

Freelancers who require only a desk space for lease may not want feel comfortable with meeting clients in an open area, and to deal with this we have a meeting room that can be booked ahead and used at no extra charge. In addition, we also have private offices for small business owners who want their own more permanent private space.

This type of set up can be ideal for the freelancer or small business owner in need of shared office space in the Western suburbs of Melbourne.