The Advantages of a Shared Office Community

Written by Wes Towers
Wednesday , May 29, 2013 0:00

It goes without saying that in running any business, there is a need to connect, to network and communicate with other people, and to generate ideas in order to expand the business. Humans are social beings, and working alone in isolation can have the effect of not only reducing social and business contacts, but also of decreasing motivation and stimulation.

As such, if you are a small business owner or entrepreneur working from home and finding it too distracting, too lonely or just dull and boring, you might be interested in the option of office sharing. With options such as office workstation rentals, or private office rental in a shared facility, you get to have an affordable dedicated space to work, and the option of interacting and collaborating with other people at the same time.

Research indicates that being around other people and interacting with them at work can be stimulating and motivating in itself. Office sharers also report that their motivation and productivity increases when sharing a space with other people, as opposed to working from home. Some of the advantages of office sharing include:

At Shared Professional Office, we provide office space in Williamstown in the form of office workstation rental or private offices. Being a small operation, the opportunity for forming social and business relationships is greater, and the affordability and flexibility of our rental agreements offers a viable alternative to expensive premises rentals. So if you are suffering from brain-drain at home but can’t afford to commit to renting a building, our Williamstown serviced offices might be just what you need.