Shared Workspaces for Entrepreneurs

Written by Wes Towers
Wednesday , Aug 14, 2013 0:00

An entrepreneur can be defined as someone who takes on a financial risk in order to start up a new business enterprise. To be successful, entrepreneurs need to be creative, motivated, savvy, and to have a good head for business. They also need to network with others, and build business relationships in order to grow their enterprises.

The above things are not so easy to achieve in a home office. While it may be possible to interact with others by phone or online from home, a great deal more energy, inspiration and motivation is likely to be generated through real human contact.

If leasing a commercial office is out of the question, and working at home is not getting the new business growing and thriving as it should, then another solution needs to be found. For an entrepreneur or owner of a small business wanting office space, office sharing may help to fill the gap.

The good thing about an office workstation rental in an office sharing facility is that it is relatively low in cost, especially compared to leasing a full office premises, but it also provides a dedicated workspace. However, shared offices can offer more than that. A well-designed one fosters community and networking, which in turn enables businesses to grow and develop. With community comes increased motivation and the capacity for sharing and developing ideas, as well as referrals and even collaborations.

Shared Professional Office provides office space in Williamstown in the form of both private offices and office workstation rentals. The cost to rent a workstation is one of the lowest in Melbourne, and the fees cover all outgoings except for phones. The facility also fosters community, and can provide a wonderful opportunity for a start-up or established entrepreneur to build up their business.