Shared Offices for Small Businesses

Written by Wes Towers
Wednesday , Aug 21, 2013 0:00

Many people these days are starting up small businesses or electing to work in freelancing. However the fact is that such people need a place to work, and somehow the corner of the living room, the dining-room table or the local noisy caf� can prove to be a bit unsatisfactory, and not very conducive to motivation and creativity.

The types of business we are talking about here are not just the creative ones � artists, designers and so forth. Some in the legal and financial professions might also set themselves up as consultants or advisers. Techies, web designers and writers might also work as independent contractors, or run their own small businesses. And some of these businesses will have employees while others will be a solo situation.

So what is the best alternative to working from home, if it is proving to be unsatisfactory? An answer to this question lies in looking at what you need if you decide to run your own business. Such a list might look like this:

A dedicated comfortable workspace without the distractions of home.

This is where a shared office comes into its own. In a shared office, professionals running their own small businesses may find exactly what they need. A well setup share office space provides not only a place to work but also fosters networking and relationships with similar-minded people, while providing peace and quiet if needed or desired.

Our very affordable and professional shared office space in Williamstown provides both desk space for lease for individuals and private offices for small businesses with employees, plus a meeting room for use free of extra charge. This type of environment enables small business owners to develop their business networks without costing an arm and a leg in the process!