Shared Office Space : Three Common Misunderstanding

Written by Wes Towers
Wednesday , Jun 19, 2013 0:10

1 .  It’s only for big cities:

One of the main misunderstandings around using a share office space is that it is something that only works in big cities. However, by expanding out into regional towns and suburbs, office sharing helps to contribute to local economies, and may prevent the mass exodus of talent into the city, which also adds to traffic congestion and pollution. It can also create a hub within a community, which is active, creative, thriving and even synergistic in effect, due to the networking opportunities that it creates.

2 .  It’s not for big business:

One of the main benefits of office sharing is that it is so flexible. It can provide a space to work not only for creative professionals, techies and micro and small business owners, but also for employees of larger companies. By placing employees in offsite shared office spaces, a larger company may be able to decentralise and even reduce the size of its headquarters, saving on costs while still benefitting from its workers skills and talents. This type of set up can also provide more flexibility for workers, along with a reduction in commuting and parking costs.

Our share office near Williamstown may provide a suitable option for a bigger business looking to downsize its head office and provide more flexibility for employees who reside in the Western suburbs.

3 .  It has too much noise and distraction:

While a certain amount of office noise may take place in a shared office set up, this is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact the buzz and activity can be beneficial in a number of ways. It enables office sharers to network and connect with other business professionals, which can lead to increased opportunities and contacts. The hive of activity in a shared office space can provide a stimulating and motivating atmosphere, especially compared to working alone in isolation and loneliness. When some peace and quiet is desired, there is always the option of using earplugs or headphones, or requesting use of a meeting room.

At our office space in Williamstown, we provide the options of using the meeting room at no extra cost, or of renting a private office if required.