Shared Office Facilities: Is this the Way of the Future?

Written by Wes Towers
Wednesday , Aug 21, 2013 0:00

With big shifts in the economy, and the resultant business downsizing and overhead-trimming going on these days, the world of work really is making some big changes. Many companies are finding the old ways of centralisation and maintaining expensive assets are no longer feasible.

At the same time, more employees are looking for better work/life balance and more flexibility in their lives, and are making the decision to enter into freelancing or entrepreneurship. In some cases, this comes about from being laid-off from their jobs  after all, as the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.

Enter the new 21st century way  shared office spaces!

The option to share office space with other similar-minded individuals is largely the domain of the freelancer or independent worker. Many entrepreneurs and freelancers find it a struggle to work from home, either because of unsuitable space, distractions, lack of stimulation or other reasons. Private office or office workstation rental provides them with the best of both worlds  a space to work independently without a boss, but one that is also motivating and stimulating due to being in proximity with other entrepreneurs and innovative or creative-minded people.

However even some companies are making use of shared office facilities for their employees, as a cost-effective alternative solution to maintaining large and expensive premises and costly overheads. Office workstation rental provides an alternative that is more flexible and less costly, and gives workers who live at a distance or who often travel with their work a space to get work done efficiently.

While shared office spaces is probably not going to suit every single type of business (after all, we would all love our favourite cafe to stay put!) it may well prove to be the way of the future for more and more freelancers, small business owners and companies looking for ways to reduce overheads and promote flexibility.