Shared Office Benefits

Theshared office space in Williamstown. most affordable, professional office facility in Melbourne’s West.

Whether you need a private commercial office space or a workstation in a shared office facility, we will help you find the office space that fits your needs. Our services include:


Each workstation comes with a large commercial grade desk measuring 180 x 80cm and a lockable pedestal/drawers measuring 80cm x 42cm. Both items are the same height giving you a large working space of 222 x 80cm.

Architecturally Refurbished

The office was recently architecturally refurbished for a high quality, professional image and all the matching furniture ensure this professional image is consistent throughout the office.

Easy Rental Agreements

Avoid getting tangled up in complicated, long-term rental agreements where you can’t really be sure exactly what it’s going tocost you when you consider all your outgoings and overheads. With a shared office service, you will have one low rental fee that covers electricity, internet, water, cleaning, gas and maintenance. You are just responsible for your own computer and phones. Simple!

You are not locked in to a long term contract. We just ask for a 6-month initial commitment and 60 days notice if and when you plan to move out.

Shared Office verses Virtual Office

Many small businesses use “Virtual Office” services where they actually work at home and pay for the rights to use the business address. Maybe they want to portray a professional image or maybe they don’t want their clients and customers to have their residential addresses. Whatever the reason, it is a cost-effective solution for many. We believe our shared office service is even better and in fact works out to be less expensive than many of the virtual office providers in Melbourne. Even if you were to rarely come in and use your workstation, it would probably work out better for you financially just for the right to make use of the business address and accept your courier deliveries and mail.

Scalable and Flexible Space

If you were to rent an office space of your own now and find the size of your business changes you could be stuck paying the rent for a space that no longer suits you or you no longer need. With a shared office facility, it’s more flexible than that. Since you are not in a lengthy contact, you can decrease or increase your space as it becomes available by just giving the 60 days notice as required. Think of the advantages and savings you will experience by not needing to change your address. No moving costs, stationery costs, marketing material printing costs and directory listing updates required.

Better Value

Shared office space keeps your operating expenses at a minimum. If you were to rent an office outright, consider all the outgoing and overhead costs associated with that. You will probably even need to cover the body corporate fee’s being a commercial lease. This alone could cost you thousands. The other alternative is a service office. We are very confident you will find our shared office facility far better value.

Car Parking

There is plenty of free car parking spaces available in the area and we also have two car parking spaces currently available for lease at just $10 + GST per week to tenants.

Tea and Coffee

Tea and coffee facilities are free of charge to all tenants. There is also ample fridge and kitchen cupboard space if you would like to bring in your lunch.

Bathroom Facilities

Along with the usual bathroom facilities you would find in an office, we also have a shower for those who like to ride or run to work, exercise during  their lunch break or would like to pop down to the nearby beach for a swim.


There is a space available for meetings at no additional cost to tenants. Simply book in the time you need it and it’s all yours.


Being based in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne (half way between Williamstown and Altona) allows for cheaper rent, free parking and quick and easy transport to the CBD. You will be just 15kms from the heart of the city. That’s just about a 20-minute drive!

If this is of interest to you, please make an enquiry using the form below or call 03 9999 7967.