Why Share Office Space in Melbourne?

Written by Wes Towers
Wednesday , May 8, 2013 2:49

Let’s face it, the world of work is changing  and changing fast at that! The secure job for life in a big company of the good oldays  is becoming as rare as hen’s teeth, and is probably not the most desirable thing for many modern educated workers, anyway. Many workers nowadays are seeking new ways of earning a living that are more creative, flexible and mobile than before.

Not only that, many solo flyers, entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses don’t necessarily want (or have the means) to pay exorbitant office rental costs, and working from home is not suitable for everyone either  with its isolation, distractions and the blurred lines it creates between work and home. One way around this is to take advantage of office workstation rentals.

Working at a shared office means having a dedicated workspace where you can separate your work and home life, while also benefitting from the business and social relationships you form within that space. Many who share office space report that their productivity and income is higher, their social relationships are greater, and their business network expands. Reasons for this include better focus and motivation, the sharing of ideas and opinions, and the energy and buzz that is often generated by like-minded people getting together.

By working at a shared office, professionals have a place to meet with clients that has more of a professional and business-like feel than an office at their home. It also provides a flexibility and mobility, which might not otherwise be available.

So why share office space in Melbourne? Because, among other things, sharing can provide the benefits of a dedicated, professional workspace, while avoiding the high costs and long-term commitment of office rental. Shared office spaces can suit a whole range of workers from business-minded people such as accountants, financial planners and advisers, to more creative types such as designers, architects, marketing professionals and writers.