Why Office Sharing Is Not Only for Freelancers and Start-up Businesses

Written by Wes Towers
Wednesday , Oct 23, 2013 0:00

While many office workers are paid by the hour and are expected to be at their desk from 9 to 5 each weekday, these days it’s becoming clearer to many employers that productivity is more important than the number of hours worked each week. In addition, it might be true that office sharing is seen […]

Is Office Sharing Suitable For My New Business?

Written by Wes Towers
Wednesday , Oct 9, 2013 0:00

If you have a new start-up business on the go, and you have heard about the benefits of office sharing, you might be wondering if this is suitable for your situation. The answer you arrive at is really going to depend on what your needs are. Reasons to share office space: You want an office […]

Five Annoying Things About Co-working, and How To Avoid Them

Written by Wes Towers
Sunday , Oct 6, 2013 0:00

1. Co-working / office sharing can be expensive In many cases office workstation rental can be costly and unaffordable for a new entrepreneur or freelancer. This makes it important to search around for something affordable and to ensure the charges cover outgoings.   For those wishing to share office space near Melbourne, but away from […]

Workstation Rental in Melbourne – Making It Work for You

Written by Wes Towers
Wednesday , Oct 2, 2013 0:00

Are you a small business owner considering finding an office sharing facility in Melbourne? Or maybe you are a freelancer who is tired of working from home and looking to share office space with other like-minded people? Whatever your situation, when you share office space it’s important to know how to make it work for […]

Shared Office Space – Avoiding the Pitfalls

Written by Wes Towers
Wednesday , Sep 25, 2013 0:00

In other posts, we’ve talked about the benefits of co-working or office workstation rentals, such as collaboration, networking, and increased motivation and productivity. However, before committing to share office space, it’s important to be aware of some of the pitfalls that can occur. The fact is, there are some shared office spaces that are simply […]