Office Workstation Rental vs. Private Office

Written by Wes Towers
Wednesday , Jun 5, 2013 0:00

Running a small business can be expensive, and many owners don�t have the means to lease a commercial office with its rental expenses, along with outgoings and management fees. Fortunately, for a small business wanting office space, office sharing can provide a viable answer.

However, when it comes to renting a workstation in a shared office, professional business owners and entrepreneurs can in some cases find the lack of privacy an issue. They might have files and information that is highly confidential, or they might not want other people hearing their telephone conversations. They might also have one or two employees working with them, or perhaps a number of clients visiting during the day, and they need the professionalism of their own office space. In addition, they might want to avoid distracting other office sharers in the facility. In these cases, they might prefer the option of renting a private office instead.

Leasing a private office in a shared office set up needn’t be isolating. The opportunity for participating with others in the facility remains, as they can still meet within shared spaces if desired. This means that private office renters can have the best of both worlds  the chance to participate in the facility’s business and social community, and the privacy they require for their particular enterprise. On top of the cost savings involved, it’s pretty much a win-win situation all round!

At Shared Professional Office we provide the options of a private office or an open area providing individual office workstation rental, depending on your requirements. Our private offices even have windows and glass doors to help facilitate community. So if you are a business owner wanting an affordable private office in Melbourne, our serviced office space in Williamstown might be just the type of set up you are after.