Is Office Sharing Suitable For My New Business?

Written by Wes Towers
Wednesday , Oct 9, 2013 0:00

If you have a new start-up business on the go, and you have heard about the benefits of office sharing, you might be wondering if this is suitable for your situation. The answer you arrive at is really going to depend on what your needs are.

Reasons to share office space:

Reasons not to share office space:

Office workstation rental in Melbourne:

If you have decided you do want to share office space, doing so in such a vibrant city as Melbourne can be very rewarding in terms of providing a stimulating and motivating environment and a wide variety of options.

For those who would prefer to be outside of the CBD, our clean and professional Williamstown serviced offices provide for networking / collaborating as well as privacy if required. In addition, every desk comes with lockable drawers providing a level of security for all users, and free parking is available nearby. In addition, with rental only being available for on a full-time basis users are provided with their own space to set up as they wish, allowing for some degree of workspace customisation.