Why Office Sharing Is Not Only for Freelancers and Start-up Businesses

Written by Wes Towers
Wednesday , Oct 23, 2013 0:00

While many office workers are paid by the hour and are expected to be at their desk from 9 to 5 each weekday, these days it’s becoming clearer to many employers that productivity is more important than the number of hours worked each week.

In addition, it might be true that office sharing is seen as something predominantly for freelancers and entrepreneurs, but this is not always the case, and is becoming less so. In fact many companies around the world are now starting to use shared office spaces for their employees, and are benefitting in the process.

The Global Co-Working Survey revealed that many co-workers or those who share office space report substantial improvements in productivity, creativity and self-confidence as a result. The reasons for this include the opportunity for collaboration with others, as well as being within a stimulating and motivating environment. The flexibility of working autonomously within a shared office environment, rather than being tied to a desk for eight hours a day, can also be a major factor in enhancing confidence and innovation.

With the changing nature of work in the 21st century, shared office space might be the way of the future for not only micro and small businesses, and freelancers, but also for many medium to large companies especially in cases where their employees need to travel around as part of their jobs.

Sharing office space can take many forms  from a simple desk space for lease to leasing of a private office, to shared spaces that look more like lounge rooms than office spaces! At our serviced offices in Williamstown, we provide both an open-plan area where our users can share office space as well as private offices for business owners. Our facility suit not only freelancers and entrepreneurs, but can also be suitable for employees of larger firms.