How Shared Office Spaces Foster Community

Written by Wes Towers
Wednesday , Jul 24, 2013 0:00

Many freelancers and small business owners who work independently can find working from home too isolating, but don’t have the means to rent a commercial office. In some cases, they opt instead to share office space with other like-minded people in a shared office or co-working facility.

However office sharing or finding a desk space for lease is not only about having a place to work. It’s also about the opportunity to form business networks with others, and even collaborate and pool talents in some instances. For many business owners it can also be about having a place where they can meet with clients that is more professional than a home office.

To this end it is important that the co-working facility promotes networking and the formation of community in a natural and organic way, while still allowing for some privacy if desired. This means that a combination of an open-plan setup with private areas for use if needed might be the most ideal. To foster community it’s important that the environment is pleasing to be in. A run-down and uncared for facility is unlikely to promote creativity, productivity or community.

At Shared Professional Office, our setup includes an open area, two private offices and a meeting area, which can be booked for use at no extra charge. Ourserviced offices Williamstown are designed not only for artists and designers, but also for small business owners of all kinds. Business owners who are in need of some office space in Williamstown might find our facility just what they need for community, privacy, a dedicated workspace, and a professional meeting area for their clients if required.