Five Annoying Things About Co-working, and How To Avoid Them

Written by Wes Towers
Sunday , Oct 6, 2013 0:00

1. Co-working / office sharing can be expensive

In many cases office workstation rental can be costly and unaffordable for a new entrepreneur or freelancer. This makes it important to search around for something affordable and to ensure the charges cover outgoings.


For those wishing to share office space near Melbourne, but away from the CBD, our Williamstown serviced offices have some of the best rates around, for office workstation rental or private office rent. Free parking is also available nearby.


2. Too many distractions

In a cramped and noisy shared office situation this can be a real problem! This makes it important to find a facility that is not overcrowded and which allows for privacy if required.

Our facility at Shared Professional Office near Williamstown provides ample room and only nine workstations  making it suitable for those wanting interaction with others, as well as some privacy at times and space to move.

3. Nowhere to meet with clients

This can be true in a crowded facility, and certainly does not help to enhance your professional image! This can be remedied by leasing a space in a facility that provides private spaces for meetings.

At Shared Professional Office, we have a meeting room available for use at no extra charge. We also rent out private offices as well as desk space for lease.

4. Lots of casual drop-ins make it harder to network

In a co-working facility that provides the option of casual day-by-day rental, or �hot-desking�, this can be true. If this is likely to cause problems it’s important to find a place that caters only for semi-permanent rentals as opposed to casual.

Our Williamstown serviced offices are only rented for full-time users, rather than casual ones.

5. Becoming locked in to expensive long-term contracts

While casual hot-desking can be a problem, so can its opposite! One of the important benefits of office sharing is flexibility and long-term contracts tend not to provide this.

At our Williamstown facility, we ask for a six month commitment only, and 60 days notice to vacate, making it a good midway point between casual and long-term rental.