The Benefits of Sharing a Smaller Office Space

Written by Wes Towers
Wednesday , Jul 10, 2013 0:00

If you are considering office workstation rental for your small business, you might be wondering why you would share office space in a smaller facility when there are larger ones around. Here, we highlight the advantages of leasing a workspace in a smaller office share setup.

When it comes to making business and social connections, you might think bigger is better. However, surveys of office sharers in the U.S. show that more connections are made in smaller facilities, and that these interactions also appear to be more meaningful. This might be because there can be a tendency for one to get “lost” among all the fellow workers in a larger set up, and also because in smaller places, there is often a higher proportion of people occupying permanent desks (as opposed to casual or hot-desking).

Having more meaningful connections with co-sharers can also lead to an increase of trust and shared values, enabling co-workers to network more effectively and to provide business referrals and connections for each other. A smaller facility can also mean less noise and distraction, while still providing the motivating aspects of working in proximity to other like-minded people.

Our facility at Shared Professional Office provides nine office workstations for rent, with four of these being in an open shared area and the others in private offices. Our workspaces are also spacious and comfortable when compared to some of the overcrowded larger facilities, and all our workstations are permanent and full-time. We believe this type of set up facilitates community and networking, and provides an excellent atmosphere for the small business owner or freelancer.

People who work independently and are looking for low-cost private office space in Williamstown, or desk space for lease near Melbourne in a smaller facility, might find that our setup offers an excellent alternative to the high cost of commercial premises and to the isolation of working from home.