The Benefits of Rural and Urban Co-Working

Written by Wes Towers
Wednesday , Jul 17, 2013 0:23

One belief surrounding the sharing of office space, such as office workstation rental, is that it is only for the big cities, and will not work well in regional towns, rural areas or the suburbs. However, this is not necessarily the case.

Sharing office space in the big city can be very beneficial in terms of motivation, the stimulation of ideas, and the opportunity to network with others (not to mention the seemingly endless supply of caffeine!). However, it can also lead to anonymity simply due to the larger numbers of people, and the forming of social and business networks and relationships can be limited in some of the large facilities, particularly where there are a lot of casual or fly-by-night co-sharers.

In smaller towns, there is usually less anonymity, and closer-knit networks are more likely to happen naturally – leading to greater levels of trust and support. This is a phenomenon that can prove very beneficial for co-working in regional towns and suburbs.

Another factor to consider is that of travel. Not all freelancers and home-office workers live near a major city, and traffic congestion and crowded trains might be just the things they wanted to escape from in the first place. This means that there could be some very good reasons for co-working to be a popular and successful option in smaller towns and suburbs.

We believe our Williamstown serviced offices offer the best of both worlds in that the facility’s open structure and smaller size fosters the development of relationships, while still being close enough to the Melbourne CBD for those who wish to travel there for personal or business reasons. Being situated outside the CBD also means less commuting, especially for those in the Western suburbs. Workstation rental in Melbourne can also be costly, but our share offices near Williamstown rental charges are low by comparison, offering good value for money and a great opportunity for people who do not want to work from home but who also don’t want to share office space in the big city.