The Advantages of Sharing Office Space in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs

Written by Wes Towers
Wednesday , Jun 12, 2013 0:10

For various reasons, many people are electing to use their talents and experience to start up their own businesses, or to work as freelancers. For instance, they might have been laid-off from work and not be willing or able to relocate their families to seek work in another town. They might be tired of the constant commuting in heavy traffic to and from work every day, or have a desire to be their own boss or to create more work/life balance and flexibility.

Whatever the reasons, while some might work from home to save costs, others might find this unsatisfactory due to isolation or distractions, the desire for a more professional set up, or the need to take their business to the next level. However, leasing a business premises might not always be a viable option. This is where office sharing through office workstation rental can fill the gaps.


In the small business world, sharing office space is a growing trend in the 21st century. In a city like Melbourne the advantages of doing so are numerous, including:

The advantages of sharing office space in the Western suburbs of Melbourne include the above, plus reduced rental costs when compared to some of the more expensive parts of the city. Our share office near Williamstown provides a very affordable option for leasing office space and growing businesses through networking, and participating in the local economy. The cost to rent a workstation is one of the lowest in Melbourne, and we also provide the option to rent a private office.